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@TRobinsonNewEra @MrBrendanCox Male #Feminist = A mating strategy for beta cucks. Sneaky Male Feminists - Jordan… https://t.co/na34pU0aGj

“I have seen all of the Russian ads and I can say very definitively that swaying the election was *NOT* the main go… https://t.co/y4PVZ6KZqv

Very sad that the FBI missed all of the many signals sent out by the Florida school shooter. This is not acceptable… https://t.co/yvvTEmad2e

Nuns aren't FORCED. They are nuns as an occupation. Also, the priest won't beat them if they decide to take off the… https://t.co/lIS7DT6UhQ

Is 'Female Circumcision' really different from FGM? @KhadijaKhanlodh forcefully argues "No" in her new article fo… https://t.co/A5m6p1OA8N

We've reached levels of cultural enrichment previously thought to be impossible. Italy being culturally enriched b… https://t.co/JIJYaiEJQm

*NEW VIDEO* Britain's 'Greatness' Could Use a Dose of Migrant 'Goodness' https://t.co/T3IwRZQllZ

History Lessons from Years Under Islamism Many will still think it is impossible for something like this to happen… https://t.co/VdiMskA1fc

Too busy #FloridaSchoolShooting #FloridaShooting https://t.co/oJQSq5Im3Y

#TrumpCurse strikes again! Lindsey Vonn fails to medal for first time in 8 years #WinterOlympics2018 #Olympics… https://t.co/9KCY74TtCB

One of the Russian Facebook posts that supposedly influenced the outcome of the election. With this logic, I'll pro… https://t.co/z4H17t3RCi

Indicted not arrested but yes, the point stands. https://t.co/wksHRZ6hGF

Holy f u c k this is a good thread https://t.co/LXq71BMQVB

Private versus public, in a nutshell: 4chan can find a flag in the middle of nowhere by tracking the movement of… https://t.co/wDFq8FF50f

so, more women in STEM means less women managers? but muh wage gap, and patriarchy!!! https://t.co/4wT4hVC0HB

Geoffrey Miller (@primalpoly) has written a trenchant new defence of free speech on American college campuses https://t.co/HDfvbtaMp6

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