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I cannot agree more. Thank you! https://t.co/qWENYVCAAP

#GeorgeWBush Speaks with #HillaryClinton tongue! #BenGarrison #cartoon #bushspeech #BUSHOBAMA #Globalist… https://t.co/W4siIXjawE

Why Aren't I 50 Weeks Into My Prison Sentence? You Might Ask #ClintonRussia #UraniumOne https://t.co/JFXSk1LV19

The United Kingdom is cancer https://t.co/qYfQWd3D29

The PILLARS of Islam... https://t.co/uOl5w8iwBi

Keep normalizing paedophilia. Member when the slippery slope argument was used to call us as crazy? I 'member… https://t.co/Z0xTbT8kQ5

New Video, follow for more! https://t.co/ogketEyGLf @ThomasSowell @HooverInst @uncknowledge #sowell #Economist #economics #Facts

Saudi preacher says women are to blame for rape because they are 'the cause of harassment and adultery' 😡 https://t.co/qJkHn5vKkG

France needs to stop talking to non-violent Islamists & instead speak to liberal reformers, the dissidents of Islam… https://t.co/tFfXXm5tLy

#Breaking P A R T A R C E L of... living with people who want to blow you into parts with a bomb in a parcel… https://t.co/X8mUGr9R6y

Muslim man in Canada found not guilty of raping his wife because he thought he could “have sex with her at anytime" https://t.co/fJo1rPHYST

Who wore it better? I'm normally opposed to mocking someone for how they look if they're trying. But seriously Dun… https://t.co/DJRAj4VWdg

"God Exists Here" https://t.co/UUtBGX9MpJ

When you were planning on having a boy but decided to stick with the name. https://t.co/JpGX1RRGPr

Ariel Winter Says Donald Trump Is Why Women Are 'Objectified and Made to Feel Bad' About Themselves. 🤔… https://t.co/FzZYFFRGDF

Just when you think we’ve reached peak #SJW lunacy, they find a way to top it. https://t.co/JWIX5VrHlz https://t.co/WxE0te3h3C

Words can kill. How many millions butchered because of Hitler’s “Mein Kempf” or Chairman Mao’s “Little Red Book”? https://t.co/XyPyA5kQBm

#MeToo Prominent Muslim propagandist Tariq Ramadan accused of rape https://t.co/vW06ocm4ct https://t.co/2tJlqXUvfB

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