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The Great Sex Panic of 2017 is intensifying. https://t.co/wpx33txir0

Over 1/3 of American young adults think it's "always/usually" sexual harassment if a man who not a woman's romantic… https://t.co/DaDPpDSt1W

**BREAKING** Bill Clinton Now Has another 4 New Victims Accusing Him of Rape. 'Bill spends a great deal of his tim… https://t.co/I5dOZ0PjTx

I just listened to this audio from @NewWorldHominin and school administrators at @Laurier U. again. Truly insane. T… https://t.co/aDDM7iYeO5

#RegressiveLeft Mindset https://t.co/tYFoQLumWn

Neal McCoy’s single about NFL protests, ‘Take a Knee My Ass,’ climbs country-music charts https://t.co/3HwCwfp0fY

I’m angry. I’ve had enough of these people. They’re a bunch of Christian-murdering scum that run giant death fact… https://t.co/OuAW6LFHKT

It’s time for 'Pillsbury "Sister Fister" Dunham' to retire from public life, and if she won’t do it willingly — the… https://t.co/21O9gnX1Xf

"These are grown women rather than children" Labour FEMINIST Jess Phillips MP Gets OWNED By Dr Joanna Williams   https://t.co/jAZIdV9i1d

The American Interest has published a long and laudatory review of 'The Strange Death of Europe' here: https://t.co/2jd1xmuurl

Don't allow the #FakeNews media to spread lies about Poland. Please share. It's sick for the media to call them Naz… https://t.co/5cUFQZI0kQ

THE BACKLASH AGAINST EUROPEAN MULTICULTURALISM Growing support for anti-immigrant parties. https://t.co/k52goz1vYk

Western European ‘refugees’ flee from failed multicultural project to a safe haven in Eastern Europe. https://t.co/Smrqsb2hbP

If she calls a new election, I predict it will blow up in her face and the AFD will gain more ground https://t.co/bqghEr7EYT

Voice of Europe@V_of_Europe

Merkel says she would prefer new elections over minority government https://t.co/3ne7BSoIgJ

No one talks about the fact that in Sharia courts, British Muslim women have fewer rights than women in Islamic cou… https://t.co/E6LHFhSr5t

Turkey Islamizes Denmark with More Mosques https://t.co/u1i4th2ztL https://t.co/iqjELJCAVF

After gender-neutral bathroom conversion, Sturgeon students not happy, ask for more gender-specific bathrooms https://t.co/YK4XcNPvRb

"You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." 15,000 on Canada's deportation list, but some 'uncooperative… https://t.co/oJODdBMQhT

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