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Kermit Is Oppressed https://t.co/l8JE75SrAf

Alternative Math And a sad portrait of the current insanity where reality is just whatever anyone wants it to be. https://t.co/GTOuj1KTUW

Now banned in Austria: Government warns Muslim women to show faces in public or be fined https://t.co/cQNDclPNSq https://t.co/w9DeaSXO5c

It's like they never read Animal Farm! https://t.co/PrgLOyIw1g

Sad Jesus https://t.co/mmmGS1eRAb

#ISIS Is Islamic. https://t.co/skvnHooNt2

Ellen: Trump Too ‘Dangerous’ To Be On My Show REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! https://t.co/KjgK47GgN3

#Feminism today in one picture https://t.co/WTfzXRFsxx

The face of Muslim girl being forced to have her clit snipped. #FGM IT'S THEIR CULTURE BIGOT!!! Islam is beautiful… https://t.co/YmPe8LC6GQ

Hungary does not want to be a country of immigrants https://t.co/bZy2ZoOW5m https://t.co/ypgNj8f033

Women have 'quarter of brain' says Saudi cleric https://t.co/Ka2b54Gsj0

Is there a doctor in the house? https://t.co/OxbzYMno6Q

https://t.co/vSlYgTyTJb Possibly not an empty threat; their test site was destabilized by their last blast.

The latest Daily Kek! https://t.co/dg31BLvxaG Thanks to @BadIdeasVs

Sargon of Akkad is being randomly banned from Facebook https://t.co/tLKS9xwm6N

homoeopathy is nonsense and the “promotion and use of homoeopathic products risk significant harms. https://t.co/rgBptETSk3

Yet again, I have to remind "racists & bigots" that when Honorable Brown People engage in this behaviour, it is UND… https://t.co/OE9nVZgAg5

Mother of Satan’ Parsons Green Bomb Was ‘Packed with Explosives, Shrapnel’ https://t.co/yoqQWaADri

it's not the Muslim supremacists who have to live under police protection it's the Muslims who criticize them… https://t.co/noSYIU7mXa

The best wet-dream ever for the NSA @Snowden https://t.co/cYqO9UUXIh

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